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  • Hello Cartwright Community!

    Welcome to the Cartwright Learning Community where we are committed to each and every student each and every day! As I begin my third year as Principal of Early Education Program, I am filled with excitement. I have always believed we can make the biggest difference with our youngest students. I am honored to serve in this position.

    I have always been committed to early childhood education. My teaching experience includes first and second grade at Tomahawk Elementary. In these grade levels, I loved seeing the excitement spark as students took off with their reading. I continued my career as an Assistant Principal at Glenn L. Downs, which served students in grades Kinder through 8th grade. There is certainly joy in all age groups, but there is nothing quite like watching a young student master a new skill, whether it be sounding out a word or tying their shoe! I grew up in the Maryvale area, graduating from Alhambra High school. I am committed to our community and our students!

    We currently have two programs. Our Early Childhood Special Education program serves students between the ages of 3-5. We offer both morning and afternoon sessions, and this is located on the Barry campus. We also offer the Cartwright Early Childhood Center. This program is designed primarily for 4-year-old students, as a transition to ensure they are prepared for kindergarten. There is specific criteria for all early childhood programs.

    If your child is currently enrolled in one of our programs, we are eagerly waiting to meet them and help them advance both academically and socially this upcoming year. If you are interested in our programs, feel free to contact the office at 623-691-5700. We provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment where students are held to high expectations, and we seek to build upon the individual learning experiences each student brings. Thank you for trusting us with your most precious gift, your child!

    Leslie King
    Director of Early Childhood Prog/Emp. Child Care 

    Leslie Downs