• The Cartwright District R.I.S.E. Program will serve our scholars in a new location during the 2021-2022 school year.  Our K-5 scholars will attend Heatherbrae Elementary, while our 6-8 scholars will attend Estrella Middle School. 
    At R.I.S.E., we strive to support each other, by helping all students and staff reach our goals. When we learn together and support each other we develop a strong learning community. All challenges are opportunities for teams to learn and grow together through collaboration.
    Please check-in with your child's teacher to discuss his/her strength-based portfolio, where we capture progress monitoring data related to academics, behavior, and social emotional learning.  
    We look forward to many opportunities for our scholars to experience learning and extracurricular activities at Estrella Middle School, and Heatherbrae Elementary.

    Our Mission

    The ultimate goal of the Academy for Success, our Cartwright Alternative Education Program, is to teach appropriate social skills and behavioral techniques that will enable students to function successfully on a regular school campus.

    Our Goal

    Is for all students to generalize positive learned social and behavioral skills following the Boys Town model that is desired and expected in different educational settings across the school day and when transitioned to their least restrictive environment (LRE).