Cartwright School

Welcome to Cartwright School

  • Principal 2024 Parent Satisfaction Survey

    Dear Cartwright Families,

    On behalf of all students, families, and staff we wholeheartedly welcome you to the Cartwright Elementary School! Cartwright Elementary is the Home of the Cougars and we work each and every day to make sure that our students follow our Cougar Code! Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible!

    At Cartwright Elementary School we believe it is our job to ensure all of our students are safe and have a sense of belonging to their school and classroom community. When students feel safe and know that they belong, they are ready to learn! We want our cougars to acquire all the necessary skills to reach all of their dreams and aspirations.

    In order to guarantee that this happens, as staff, we set high expectations for our students and work as a team with families to ensure success. We know that when you and your child are successful, we are successful. It is for this reason that we work hard to communicate with families what is expected, support students where they are academically, and then look at what steps are needed to ensure positive outcomes for each child.

    If you are currently a part of the Cartwright Cougar Family, then thank you for making Cartwright your home and being part of what makes Cartwright Elementary such a great place! If you are looking for a school that has high expectations and where your child will gain the skills needed to make their dreams a reality, then our team is waiting for you and your child to become a part of the Cartwright Elementary Family.

    Vicki Wingfield, Principal 
    [email protected]