• Student Dress Code and Uniform Expectations



    • Regular uniform polo shirts or Cartwright spirit shirts should be worn Monday - Thursdays
      • Polo uniform shirts must be a solid color, have a collar, sleeves, and no logos.
      • Tops on any day may not be excessively tight or revealing. 
      • No midriffs may be exposed at any time. 
    • Sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets may be worn during the school day.
    • Any crude or vulgar lettering/images such as weapons, drugs, alcohol, or sexually explicit material are unacceptable.


    • Bottoms must be a SOLID COLOR
    • NO denim jeans.
    • No bottoms (pants) with fashionable “worn tears” are allowed at any time including dress-down days.
    • All skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee (e.g. should fall below the fingers when arms hang at sides.)


    • Shoes must be tennis shoes or shoes with a closed-toe AND closed-heel.  Heels must be less than 1 inch.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn on P.E. days, and tennis shoes with laces must be tied.
    • NO wheeled shoes may be worn at any time.
    • NO sandals or open-toed shoes may be worn at any time, including Dress Down days.


    • Excessive or expensive jewelry should not be brought to school.
    • Jewelry should not be a distraction to learning.
    • The school is not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry. 


    • School ID badges are considered a mandatory school supply and must remain at school Kindergarten through 3rd grade (collected by homeroom teachers daily).  ID badges are school property.  Badges MUST be worn at ALL times, no exceptions.   
    • Lanyards are okay for ID badges.
    • Sunglasses, caps, hats, and hairnets are not to be worn indoors. Any exceptions must have a doctor’s note on file.  
    • Hoods may not be worn over the head indoors.
    • Bandanas are NEVER to be worn on campus or in class.

    ”Non-Uniform” Days:

    • Parents will be notified in writing when the school administration schedules a non-uniform “Dress Down” day.
      • No torn jeans are allowed
      • No cropped shirts or short shorts are allowed

    *Any clothing item that is questionable may be referred to administration. School administrators will make the final decision on dress code issues.