Bret R. Tarver Leadership Academy

  • Principal Joy WeissTarver Family and Friends,

    Welcome to Bret R. Tarver Leadership Academy!  On behalf of the entire staff, we are excited to connect, grow, and build relationships with our families.  Tarver has a rich history of empowering our students to achieve their personal best while providing continuous opportunities to learn, lead, and achieve.

    This year, we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and are thrilled to celebrate this amazing milestone.  Like our namesake, Bret R. Tarver lived his life in service to our community, we aim to do the same.  We look forward to embracing this new school year with hope, optimism, and excitement for what is to come.  

    Here at Tarver, our motto is “Dolphins SWIM together. . . Succeed, Work hard, Inspire, and Motivate!  We believe all students are capable of success and it is our mission to provide not only the best academic experience but to support their emotional, social and physical growth.  We encourage them to dream big, set wildly important goals (WIGS as we call them), and work to achieve whatever they set their minds to.  Every day we celebrate their hard work and efforts, helping them open doors to future success. 

    As the newly rebranded Leadership Academy, we are proud to be a Leader in Me school, where our commitment to create, cultivate and nurture individual leadership among our students and staff is the heart of our work.  We focus on teaching, learning, and applying the 8 Habits of Happy, Healthy Kids.  Applying these habits to everything we do, our students see their worth and potential, and are inspired to be leaders not just in the school, but within their homes and communities. 

    Our commitment to building leaders means believing in and educating the whole child while providing opportunities for students to explore their talents and skills in a range of learning opportunities.  As the lead learners of the school, our students are provided a rigorous curriculum in reading, math, science, and social studies. We also provide music, art, band, and P.E.  Additionally, we have one-to-one technology for our Kinder through 6th-grade students and we are excited to bring project-based learning opportunities and Genius Hour to our campus this year.  We also have a Dual Language program currently in grades K-2, with each grade added yearly and we are proud to be the home of the Gifted and Talented Academy within the Cartwright School District.   

    Beyond the classrooms, we also support our parents and partner with them in continuing their education through our Parent POD program.  Our POD program-Parents of Distinction offers classes in adult and parent education, financial literacy, English as a 2nd language, and many other opportunities to grow, lead and learn alongside their children.  This program provides a unique opportunity for our parents to not only grow as individuals but to engage with their children in exciting ways within the classroom.  Many of our parents in the program have gained so many new skills and confidence, they are becoming leaders in their communities and across the state.  

    At Tarver, we know the keys to our scholars’ future success lie in the range of experiences they are part of both in school and at home.  With that in mind, we aim to provide opportunities for all our students to explore their strengths, talents, and potential.  We invite you to come alongside and partner with us on this incredible journey.  With our amazing and talented staff and parents working together, our students will be the leaders of tomorrow!  We look forward to meeting each of you, developing relationships, and sharing our goals, vision, and big rocks with all of you!  It’s an exciting time at Tarver and we are ready to shine!

    Tarver Dolphins SWIM! 


    Dr. Joy Weiss