• Seventh Grade

    In seventh grade work with unit rates and ratios continues and includes fractions and percentages.  Students will add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers and integers while solving real-world problems.  Students will solve real-world problems involving positive and negative rational numbers.  They will also solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable. Our students will be using similar triangles to explain slope on a coordinate plane.  They will also use the Pythagorean Theorem to find unknown side lengths of triangles and the distance between points in a coordinate plane.  Students will continue to use statistics to draw inferences and develop probability models. In reading, seventh grade students focus on finding the theme and central idea of a text, writing objective summaries, citing text evidence to support inferences, determining the meaning of key vocabulary, analyzing characters, setting, and plot, and analyzing claims. Students also write opinion, narrative, and explanatory pieces using appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.