•  Mission

    The mission of the Human Resources Department is to ensure the recruitment, selection and employment of the best-qualified personnel for each position in the District. The Cartwright Elementary School District is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based on age, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, disability, or national origin.

    Our staff holds high expectations for themselves and our students, believing that all students can learn and succeed. The District engages in advocating, promoting, and securing the rights of all persons who are stakeholders in our educational community.

    Educators in the Cartwright School District collaborate as members of a professional learning community. That community fosters mutual cooperation, emotional support, and personal growth as we work to enrich the lives of our students and parents.

    Department Goals

    • To support expanding academic achievement through the employment and retention of quality personnel.
    • To focus on ensuring excellent customer service for all Cartwright Elementary School educational community members.
    • To promote Social and Emotional Learning by working to guarantee the fair and consistent treatment of all district personnel and constituent groups.

    Susan Doyle
    Susan Doyle, Executive Director of Human Resources
    My goal is to support and advance the mission and vision of the Cartwright Elementary School District as Executive Director ofHuman Resources. My strengths are: Team effectiveness, group dynamics and having crucial, professional conversations. I will facilitate continuous improvement by mentoring administrators and teachers and advancing initiatives as well as leading diverse groups toward consensus and ownership. Previously I have worked for the following districts: Apache Junction, Tolleson, Madison, Scottsdale & Kyrene. I am thrilled to join the Cartwright family!

    Mary Lou Chavez
    Mary Lou Chavez
    Director of Human Resources

    Mrs. Mary Lou Chavez has thoroughly enjoyed every day of the past 30 years serving as an educator. In the past 4 years she served as both Executive Director and Director of Talent (Human Resources) for Phoenix Union High School District where she was responsible for employee benefits, employee relations, Interest Based Negotiations, recruitment, hiring, staffing, overall management of human resources functions. Prior to going to Phoenix Union, Ms. Chavez was the Assistant Director of Specials Service for Cartwright and is happy to be back to serve the students, staff and community. Additionally, Ms. Chavez held positions as Principal and Assistant Principal including Program Administrator for the Rodel Foundation where she worked on increasing math achievement with schools in Yuma, Flagstaff, Quartzite, Tuba City, and Parker. Most importantly, Mrs. Chavez served as a classroom teacher for 13 years.

    Mrs. Chavez is married and enjoys traveling whenever an opportunity exists. In the past she served on the board for Expect More AZ, First Things First, Glendale Community College President’s Circle, and Maricopa Community Chancellor’s Hispanic Advisory Board.