• Meet the Governing Board


    Marissa HernandezMarissa Hernandez 
    Governing Board President

    Board President Ms. Marissa Hernandez was elected to the Board on July 30, 2015. Ms. Hernandez was re-appointed to the Governing Board, November 2020. Her term expires December 31, 2024. Ms. Hernandez has three children and volunteers twice a week working with autistic and special needs children. She is a working professional and looks forward to serving the Cartwright Community.
    Denice Garcia
    Denice Garcia
    Governing Board Vice President

    A passion for social work is what brought Board Vice President, Ms. Denice Garcia, to the Cartwright School District. Before she lived in Arizona, she handled crisis intervention, adoptions, mediation, alcohol and drug counseling and so much more in California. While working in the community, she advocated for families and noticed that when children were not in school their development suffered greatly. When she met former Cartwright Governing Board President and current Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo, he encouraged her to run for Cartwright’s governing board so that she could make a real difference in the lives of scholars. Ms. Garcia was first elected to the Governing Board in 2012. Her current term expires in December of 2024. 
    Anna Lynn AbeytiaAnna Lynn Abeytia
    Governing Board Member

    Ms. Anna Lynn Abeytia was appointed to the Governing Board, November 2020. Her term expires December 31, 2024. Ms. Anna Abeytia is a newly elected board member to the Cartwright Elementary School District serving her first term. Ms. Abeytia is a former Cartwright student who attended both Justine Spitalny Elementary School and Marc T. Atkinson Middle School for K-8. During her years as a student, Ms. Abeytia was involved in the fine arts program within the district; participating in Honor Band/Strings, Greater Phoenix and Mountain Music Performing Arts Camp. Between the ages of 16-22, she aided music teachers within the district helping teach music at the Mountain Music Performing Arts camp she attended. 

    Lydia HernandezLydia Hernandez
    Governing Board Member

    Mrs. Hernandez was re-elected to another term in November of 2022. Her current term of office expires in December of 2026. She was originally appointed to the Governing Board in July of 2004. She was elected to a two-year term in November of 2004. During her service, Hernandez has served as Governing Board President. Currently, she serves on the National School Boards Association National Hispanic Council of School Board Members as the Chair-Elect. She is also a member of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO). Mrs. Hernandez is a State Legislator serving District 24 and assumed office on January 9th, 2023. Her current term ends on January 13th, 2025.