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    A child's educational journey starts in preschool and that foundation needs to be solid in order for scholars to learn throughout their educational journal and to be ready on day #1 for kindergarten. Preschool students love to explore their world while learning important skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. For literacy, we begin by listening to stories read by our teacher.  We retell these stories during center time, focusing on things such as character and setting.  We identify letter names and sounds and work to identify as well as write our own name.  Our preschoolers will learn to count objects, identify and write numbers.  We ensure to take a play-based approach during the school day.  Our students have time to paint, play with playdough, build with blocks, and act out stories.  Our primary end of year goals are for our students to know a minimum of ten letter names and sounds, count to ten, and write/recognize their own name.