Thank you for helping us pass our Bond last November - we are forever grateful for your support of Cartwright schools. We're working diligently to move forward with constructing two full size gymnasiums at Charles W. Harris and Glenn L. Downs schools, which will also include new playgrounds at Harris and parking lot renovations for both schools. In addition, we ordered $2.5 million in classroom furniture for all schools and completed ACA accommodations at Tomahawk and Starlight Park schools. An ongoing project we've begun is the $3.3 million bathroom upgrades at Palm Lane, Byron A. Barry, and Frank Borman schools. Projects not yet completed include the installation of an electric charging station for our Transportation Department, basketball court remodels for Raul H. Castro, Manuel “Lito” Pena, Bret R. Tarver, and Tomahawk schools. Completed projects this year include the remodeling of the front office and parking lot at Desert Sands Middle School. Next year, we plan to begin construction for a gymnasium at Justine Spitalny, a multipurpose room at Palm Lane school, a modified gymnasium at Manuel “Lito”, and cafeteria remodels at Marc T. Atkinson, Sunset, and Starlight Park schools. We also anticipate the purchase of another $2.5 million in classroom and teacher furniture for all schools, as well as upgrading furniture for all Media Centers. As construction costs have nearly doubled in the last few months, our project team (District staff and ADM Group) meets weekly to discuss budgets and timelines to ensure we are able to meet planned needs.
    The District Operations department oversees the operations of the following departments:
    Dr. Juan MedranoDr. Juan Medrano 
    Assistant Superintendant of District Operations
    Dr. Juan Medrano has been a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. He is a supporter of high-quality education for public education for all children. He is a lifelong learner committed to educational equity for all of our scholars and is excited to serve our Cartwright community. Previously, he served as the Director of Special Services and is looking forward to leading the District's Operations plan in a future-focused way.