• Information Technology and Information Systems Departments

    The Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) departments in Cartwright School District work to ensure all students and staff have the technology resources they need to succeed by providing the highest quality technology-based services to assist in the facilitation of the district's mission as it applies to administration, teaching, student learning, and our community.

    Together, both departments are responsible for providing support to a dynamic, technology-rich environment that empowers all students and staff to become passionate life-long learners and productive participants in our society. Our mission in integrating technology is to enable staff and students to be academically successful, technologically aware, and fully engaged in the learning process.

    Information Technology Department

    The Information Technology department provides strategic technology leadership and ensures electronic business continuity for the District.  We are responsible leaders and stewards for the majority of technology and technology-enabled services.  These services and support areas include:

    ·       Computer/electronic networking and networks

    ·       Telecommunications & Telepresence

    ·       Technology and platform infrastructure

    ·       Electronic file storage and retrieval

    ·       Document Management Systems

    ·       Audio/Video Systems

    ·       Local and Managed Server hosts

    ·       Global Computer Accounts Management

    ·       Data Integrity (system and system data backups, versioning, etc.)

    ·       Computer and electronic communications security

    ·       Computing license and asset management

    ·       Computer system hardware  lifecycle

    ·       Enterprise-wide standard hardware, productivity and communications software

    ·       Computing and systems policies, procedures, and regulations

    ·       IT Support Desk (623) 691-4052

    Perry Horner

    Director of Information Technology

    Perry Horner headshot

    Perry is a Phoenix, AZ native.  He was born at the Maryvale hospital and spent his entire childhood in Maryvale.  He has a passion for helping others and regularly expresses empathy and humility.  Perry has been working with technology since he started computer programming in 1979.  Perry helped the City of Glendale Public Library System select their first electronic card catalog which launched his successful career in Information Technology in both healthcare and education.  Perry holds a BS in Telecommunications and an MBA in Technology Management.




    Information Systems Department

    The Information Systems department leads and manages the systems which facilitate student records, data analytics, and student information services.

    ·       Student records management

    ·       Archives

    ·       Reports and informatics

    Katherine Marston

    Katherine Marston

    Director of Information Systems


    Kathi has over 20 years in public education as a teacher, mentor/coach, AP, and district administrator. Her roles have included Assessment Coordinator & Director, EL Coordinator, and SIS Director. Kathi has over 15 years’ experience as a district administrator and has a Bachelors’, a Masters’, and her Principal Certification.