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    It’s one thing to make a promise — a top-quality education delivered in eight years that prepares scholars for high school, college and career — but Cartwright’s curriculum and classroom standards are backed by a proven track record. The Cartwright School District has educated an Olympic gold medal winner, biochemical engineers, the first female Fire Chief in Phoenix, the first female Police Chief in Phoenix, award-winning journalists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and Ivy League students. We are the premier school district in Maryvale and we have the only three “A” rated schools in our area. No charter school in our vicinity can claim that.

    Our motto is “One Team, Una Familia!” That means we educate each child as if they were our own family members and we celebrate their academic success and provide incredible programs like Dual Language in Spanish, STEAM-focused engineering labs, and College and Career Readiness programs like the Aguila Youth Leadership Program that opens college pathways for our scholars. Our Academies and specialized schools focus on Social Sciences, gifted academics, community-centered education, cultural arts, music, and dance like Mariachi and Ballet Folklorico – to name a few. We expose our scholars to rich college programs like the ASU Mother-Daughter program. Our scholars visit college campuses at virtually every level of their education and extracurricular activities, field trips, athletics, and clubs play an important role in their educational development. 

    Alongside academic excellence is the implementation of Social Emotional Learning. Our district utilizes certified school counselors and psychologists to support scholars along their educational journey. One cannot learn without peace of mind. That is why we have a trauma-informed school that specializes in giving children emotional tools to handle anything that comes their way, thereby elevating their education. We are proud to employ certified and highly qualified teachers. Several of our teachers have won the Teacher of the Year Award and our principals are dedicated and tireless stewards who have won many awards, including the Rodel Award and Maricopa County’s Exemplary Principal Award. 

    We are proud of our community and proud of every child that walks in and out of our hallways. Our district embraces parents as co-educators and equips them with the right tools to help us make our scholars successful like the “You: Your Child’s First Teacher Program.” We can boast that our parents give our district a 97% satisfaction rate when it comes to communication and especially during tough times, like our recent pandemic, our community trusted us to keep them informed, keep our scholars educated and thriving. Success, nothing less. That’s our promise. Come along on this journey of academic excellence with us, join our team, and become part of our family!  

    Located in the heart of Maryvale, The Cartwright School is proud to provide all the educational needs of more than 15,000 students exposing them to athletics, music, STEM, gifted and special education. Our administrators and teachers are award-winning and highly trained individuals. The ultimate goal is to prepare our students for whatever the future has in store. Our district office is located at 5220 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, Arizona.

    Here are our goals:

    • Maximize Academic Achievement and Global Readiness for ALL scholars
    • Promote Family Engagement and Showcase Excellence 
    • Promote Social Emotional Learning and Equity to Ensure Scholar's Success
  • Honors

    2020 AAGT Gifted Education; Leadership of Year Award, Dr. Aguilar Lawlor

    20 ASPRA*tions Awards, November 2020, Communications & Community Engagement; ASPRA*tion wins include: Awards of Excellence for: 

    Website- Cartwright District Website

    Multicultural Outreach Campaign -One Team, Una Familia Telemundo commercial; Multimedia Marketing Campaign - Cartwright Billboards; Multimedia Marketing Campaign - Charter School Comparison Postcard; Video, Veterans Heritage Video Project;

    Awards of Merit: (10 total), various videos, LeeAnn's Lines, STEM/Drone Photography

    ASPRA*tions Governing Board Contributions to Public Relations, Governing Board Member Mr. Pedro Lopez 

    Arizona School Board Association;   Associate of Boardmanship Award, Mr.  Pedro Lopez for completing 13.5 hours; Ms.  Denice Garcia for completing 64.88 hours 

    Arizona School Board Association Award of Associate of Boardmanship 

    City of Phoenix,  Ms. Marissa Hernandez, Board President

    Dr. Rebecca M. Osuna, Admin Services Assistant Supt,  AZALAS Lifetime Achievement Award October 2019 

    Ema Jauregui, Assistant Supt. City of Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission appointment (advisory board)

    Red Carpet Awards Winner of the Year; Principal, C. Newman; Teacher, K. Springler; N. Jimenez

    Arizona Coyotes Future Goals Teacher of the Month, E.Sandoval

    Four Corners Latinx Leadership L. Mathews

    GFOA'S Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Victoria Farrar and Team (Press Release)