• About Us

    Children learning science from their teacher.

    Cartwright Elementary School District is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves more than 15,000 students in 21 schools. We are proud to have three "A" rated schools: Tomahawk, Sunset & Starlight Park Elementary. We have twelve Kindergarten through 6th-grade elementary schools, four schools serving students in grades K - 8, two middle schools with students in grades 6-8, two middle schools that serve 7 - 8th grades, and one preschool. Our Middle Schools; Raul H. Castro Academy of Fine Arts & Marc T. Atkinson IB and Gifted Academy re-opened in 2020. Our district employs more than 2,000 people who proudly serve students daily. Our motto is "One Team, Una Familia!" because we believe in elevating & celebrating each student's success as a family. 

    We offer a robust STEM program and two Dual Language Programs at Bret R. Tarver Elementary & Starlight Park Elementary.  We also offer FREE breakfast and lunch and FREE all-day kindergarten. In 2016 we added Byron, A. Barry School, serving pre-school and head start programs to prepare younger students for their educational futures.

    The Cartwright District values technology and the importance of its use in the classroom. We provide Dell Chromebooks and iPads for students to use in conjunction with their lessons.