• Questions and Answers

    What should you do if you feel your child needs special education?

    If your school-age child is having difficulties in school, first talk to his or her teacher. There are many supports for students within regular education. Each school has a Child Study Team that can develop a plan for the child utilizing the supports mentioned above and others. If you, the teacher and principal have not been able to help your child, your child may have a disability that affects his or her learning.

    What is a referral for special education?

    A referral is a written statement asking that staff at your child's school evaluate your child to determine if he or she needs special education services. This written statement should be addressed to any member of your child's school's team. This may include teacher, school psychologist or your school principal. The referral may result in a request to have your child tested to see if he or she needs special education services.

    Who else can make a referral for special education?

    You, the parent, can always make a referral for your child. Your child's teacher or a professional in your child's school may also make a referral to the Team.