boy holding STEM project
  • Sixth Grade

    In sixth grade, our students are introduced to ratios and unit rates while solving various types of problems.  Students continue to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using the standard algorithm for each.  Rational numbers are introduced and students work with positive and negative numbers.  Students spend significant time learning to read, write and evaluate algebraic expressions while solving mathematical problems in a real-world context.  Students find the area of triangles, polygons, and quadrilaterals as well as the volume of shapes.  Students are introduced to Statistics and Probability as they collect, display  and interpret data. In reading, sixth-grade students focus on finding the theme and central idea of a text, writing summaries, citing text evidence, comparing and contrasting texts, determining the meaning of key vocabulary, analyzing characters, setting and plot, and integrating information from a variety of texts to determine points of view. Students also write opinion, narratives and explanatory pieces using appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation.