3rd grade boy smiling
  • Third Grade

    In third grade, our students learn to multiply and divide within 100.  They continue to work on addition and subtraction, moving up to 1,000 using algorithms and word problems.  Fractions are a focus in third grade as students learn about part of a whole and equivalent fractions.  Students learn to tell time to the nearest minute and solve problems involving money up to $20.  Students use picture graphs and bar graphs to represent data and answer questions about them.  Students identify and categorize shapes by their attributes and divide them into equal parts. In reading our third-grade students learn how to determine the main idea of a text and how the key details contribute to the central idea. They learn how to locate evidence in a text to support their answers and opinions.  Students are taught to read words with common prefixes and suffixes and spell two- and three-syllable words. They continue to write opinion, explanatory and narrative pieces.  And they also learn how to conduct short research projects.