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  • Fourth Grade

    In fourth grade our students extend their practice in multiplication and division to 1,000, mastering various problem types.  Understanding that every whole number is a factor of its multiples are introduced as students find all factor pairs of numbers up to 100.  Students apply the concept of place value as they solve multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.   Fractions are turned into decimals and back again as students compare, add and subtract fractions.  Students compare measurements within a single system and solve real-world problems about measurements of all types. Our students finish the year identifying and measuring angles of all sizes, as well as classifying 2-dimensional shapes. In reading, fourth-grade students focus on finding the central idea of a text, making connections, referring to the text when answering questions, comparing and contrasting texts, determining the meaning of key vocabulary, and using text features. Students also write opinion, narrative and explanatory pieces using appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.