Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar-Lawlor
  • January 8, 2024

    Dear Cartwright Families,
    Happy New Year!
    I sincerely hope that 2024 is a year like no other! In the Cartwright School District, we are starting our third quarter of teaching and learning. We know that it's been a couple of weeks since our student scholars have been in school, so we have plans to review expectations and then hit the ground running with rigorous, high academic coursework and activities. The Spring Semester is a very important time of the school year. It is a time when you will start to see your child learning and progressing rather quickly. Depending on the grade level of your children, you might start to see them reading and writing sentences and paragraphs for the first time. You should hear them using challenging "vocabulary" and discussing topics and content that ask them to think critically. If they are in eighth grade, you might start to hear them talking about preparing for high school and all that comes with that. Let's also not forget about our athletes and the after-school events, including our annual Cartwright Track meet that takes place every Spring. There will be invitations to musicals, band programs, and competitions of all kinds. All these experiences and opportunities are in place to ensure preparation for a successful future and a bridge to college. Having conversations with your children, our scholars, about higher education, beyond high school, in early elementary and throughout their time in Cartwright is essential. Research shows we must help our scholars see themselves in college, a trade school, or thinking about what they want to do when they become adults early and well before they start high school.
    Speaking of success, be sure to be on the lookout for the banners throughout the Cartwright School District. These banners highlight graduates from our district, and we couldn't be prouder. I am inspired every day by the work of our staff and your children. Thank you for entrusting your children to us to be able to educate them and prepare for their futures. We are your partners, and I am grateful.
    Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor

    August 6, 2023

    Dear Cartwright Families,
    We extend a warm welcome to the new 23-24 school year! Your choice of Cartwright as the educational destination for your remarkable children in our district schools fills us with excitement. We firmly believe that we possess the finest selection of schools catering to Preschool and Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our offerings encompass robust academic programs, comprehensive academies, free before-school care, field trips covering all grades, after-school extracurricular activities, and a range of team sports.
    Our devoted principals, teachers, and educational support professionals exert dedicated efforts daily to ensure that your child, our esteemed student scholars, experience nothing but our absolute best. Our overarching aim revolves around making certain that your children's aspirations and dreams transform into tangible realities. Equipped with the finest education and opportunities, your child will be primed to transition confidently beyond 8th grade, embarking on high school, college, and even beyond. We serve as the conduit to higher education, and the possibilities are boundless!
    Our pride in being your partners on this educational journey knows no bounds. Collectively, we form a cohesive team, una familia!
    Warm regards,
    Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar Lawlor