• Enrollment Coordinator's Office

    This is where parents can register their children at Cartwright Elementary Schools, saving them from registering at every CSD school. In addition, parents can get assistance here with general enrollment queries or issues.

    The Registration Center:

        • Open every workday (Monday-Friday)
        • Open on certain school breaks, AND
        • Has bilingual personnel

    To download the registration packet, see the bottom of the School Office Registration page. If you want to register in person, see our Registration Requirements page for what to bring.

  • Hours of Operation



    Fridays by appointment

    For further enrollment assistance, please contact our enrollment coordinator at:


    Liliana Medina


    [email protected]

    4308 N 51st Ave., #103 Phoenix, Az 85031


    Or visit her at the

    Center for Strong Families and Thriving Children 

    Located between Bret R Tarver School and the Atkinsons Pediatric Mountain Park Clinic

    (see middle photo below.)



Side of Mountain Park clinic next to Family Welcome Center
Front side of family welcome center
Front side of Bret R. Tarver Leadership Academy