Cartwright Logo
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    The Cartwright School District has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence. Our logo is the visual representation of that reputation. It instantly identifies who we are and what we stand for. At all times, the Cartwright logo should be used clearly and consistently on print and electronic materials, signage, and buildings as they relate to Cartwright.

    Branding Colors

    The Cartwright School District's branding colors are maroon, black, grey, and white. 

    For our specific colors see document here

    District Motto

    The Cartwright School District motto is "ONE TEAM, UNA FAMILIA"

    Branding guidelines:  

    1. All logos must be positioned and sized appropriately, no smaller than 1.75 inches.  
    2. Full statements must be included on all materials that may be seen by students. Spanish only or bi-lingual documents must also include the statements in Spanish.
    3. District-wide communications must follow logo and color branding guidelines.  

    Cartwright Logo Guidelines

    • DO place the Cartwright logo on the front of all printed materials, on all web template pages and official social media sites, and at the beginning or the end of presentations and programs.
    • DO reverse logos out of a dark background if the background doesn't compromise or compete with the readability of the logo.
    • DO get approval from Cartwright's communication department before publishing materials 

    To maintain full legibility, please follow these standards:

    • Cartwright Logo
      • Never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1.25 inches (for print) or 175 pixels (for screen).
    • Cartwright Logo
      • Never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1.75 inches (for print) or 215 pixels (for screen).

    There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the most dominant element on the page, but instead should live comfortably and clearly as an identifying mark.

    Schools have individual logos, please adhere to the guidelines above.