• The Cartwright Elementary School District is committed to providing education for gifted pupils to help them develop their extraordinary abilities and recognizes that gifted pupils in this district have unique values, needs, and talents.  The program for gifted pupils is designed to develop their intellectual, emotional, and social abilities and to honor the diversity among the identified gifted pupils through the provision of varied placement options and differentiated, challenging curriculum.


    The Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards form the foundation of the curriculum for all gifted program services.  Teachers will provide a differentiated curriculum to assist gifted pupils toward meeting or exceeding the standards using content, process, product, and environment.


    The mission of the Cartwright Special Services Department is to ensure ongoing academic achievement and social-emotional growth in scholars  by advocating for, supporting, and providing staff and scholars with inclusive research-validated practices to implement in their classrooms, preparing our scholars for future real-life experiences.


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