Charles W. Harris School

  • Principal Delawn LeggetGreetings families and community members.

    Charles W. Harris Elementary School is a K-8 located in the Maryvale community. Our school embraces and lives out the mission of the Cartwright School District - to ensure our students attain high levels of achievement by focusing on learning and individual needs so that all students are prepared to meet future challenges with confidence and expertise and develop into responsible, productive citizens.

    While working with our students to achieve the district mission, Harris Elementary School also recognized the diversity and individual differences of our students and knows that these qualities enrich our school culture, empower our students, and represent our global world. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best education possible while working with the unique learning abilities of each student.

    As the principal of Charles W. Harris Elementary School, I believe that education is a great equalizer in our society. As a school leader, it is my responsibility to help create an environment that is conducive to learning, helps remove barriers, closes the achievement gap, and ensures that all students' needs are being met.  

    Feel free to contact me or any member of our administrative team with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to your support and a school year where we will see our students SOAR.

    Delawn Leggett

    Harris Elementary School Principal