• School parent partnerships are essential to student success. It is our goal that families feel welcome, and are equipped to participate in their child’s education. Families are encouraged to communicate regularly with their child’s teacher, participate in opportunities offered for families, read with their children regularly, and ensure children are at school on time every school day. To support parents/caregivers in their role as their child’s first teacher and to support parents to support their child’s learning, the following opportunities are available:

    Your Child’s First Teacher

    Since 2015, the Cartwright School District has utilized the YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher program approach to build and strengthen family school partnerships. Every school year since that time, the Cartwright School District has held quarterly workshops for families to join from across the district and community. The program approach for YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher, holds at its foundation that in order for a child to have the greatest opportunity for success, every child must be nurtured emotionally, physically, socially, and academically. Parents are recognized as experts and valued, necessary partners. The Cartwright School District has opportunities in place to support you in nurturing your child in those 4 key areas. Topics for workshops are decided in conjunction with parents/caregivers and in the past have included nutrition, drug prevention, math & science, child development, and much more!  Please stay tuned for YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher workshop dates for the 2021-22 school year.

    Parent Liaisons

    20 of our schools have a dedicated Parent Liaison to support parents and caregivers to support their child’s education. Parent Liaisons serve as links between the school and the community offering a number of opportunities for caregivers to build and strengthen their capacity so that students are college and career ready.  Parent Liaisons are bilingual in English and Spanish and are dedicated to building strong relationships with families. Parent Liaisons offer:

    • Parent Classes/trainings on child development, child safety, school readiness, English classes, drug prevention, internet safety, how to strengthen the parent/child relationship and more! 
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Parent Resource Centers where parents can check out books/materials to support their child’s education and access technology including a computer, the internet and a color printer 
    • Parent leadership opportunities
    • Surveys for families to help inform decisions on classes/trainings
    • Connection to community resources and services
    • English/Spanish translation and interpretation for school related communication

    For additional opportunities please reach out to your schools Parent Liaison.