• School-Based Clinic

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    ***Important Information: Services have resumed Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. but with restrictions. Please call (602)243-7277 before visiting the clinic for restriction information.****  

    The Cartwright School District is excited to announce it will continue to have a school based healthcare clinic to serve our students and the entire community. Mountain Park Health Clinic is housed at Atkinson Middle School, 4315 N. Maryvale Parkway. Visitors may enter the clinic at the door next to the Family Welcome Center. The clinic will be open five (5) days a week during the school year. You can visit or call (602)243-7277.

    We asked Senior Director of Diversity and Community Affairs at Mountain Park Health Care, a few questions some parents may have about the clinic.

    1. How did the partnership with Cartwright come about?

    Mountain Park has partnered with Cartwright in various capacities in the past including having representatives from various schools on our Diversity Site Councils, which serve as an avenue for engaging our stakeholders and better understanding the communities surrounding our clinics. The school based clinic partnership came about when the Legacy Foundation, a local health foundation, approached Mountain Park to run the operations of the clinic.

    2. What are the services you offer?

    In our school-based clinic, we offer integrated pediatric healthcare for the entire community. Our on-site WIC/Eligibility Specialist can help anyone sign up for AHCCCS or our Sliding Fee Discount Program and give you access to other helpful resources.

    3. Will only Cartwright families be able to take advantage of the clinic or can the entire community?

    Our services are available to the entire community.

    4. Do you need insurance?

    We accept most major insurance plans, however Mountain Park is here to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all members of the community. For our uninsured patients, we have a Sliding Fee Program available to them. You can also find our list of insurance we accept on our website.

    5. What should families bring when they come?

    For every member in a family, families should provide as many of the following documents (one per category) as you have available: proof of residence, proof of age, earned income, unearned income, proof of medical insurance if any, and if pregnant, proof of pregnancy with estimated day of delivery. For more details on what to bring on your first visit, patients can visit our website or call for care at (602) 243-7277.

    6. How excited are you about working with the Cartwright School District and this community?

    Mountain Park has been a trusted community partner in Maryvale for more than a decade and we are very excited to collaborate with Cartwright and to expand access to affordable care in our community. This partnership allows us to continue in our mission of working with the communities we serve to sustain and improve health by providing affordable primary care.