Glenn L. Downs School

    To find the roots of Glenn L. Downs, we need to go back to the family that started it all, the Cartwrights'. Pioneer R.J. Cartwright and two other men decided they needed a school so they solicited funds from the farmers in the area to build Cartwright Elementary. The school was built in 1884 but by 1924, it was evident that a second, more modern school structure had to build. In 1924, a new building was erected with six classrooms, a basement, an office and inside restrooms. Mr. Downs came to Cartwright as a teacher-principal back in 1928 and later became the Superintendent of our school district. Glenn L. Downs School was named after him when it opened in 1956. 

    A lot of changes have taken place at Downs School over the years. It started with three grades and is now a thriving K-8 school. Downs is proud to educate future Cartwright leaders and is proud of its theatre and musical productions.