• The required dress code for Spitalny STE³AM School students includes:

    Tops: Spitalny t-shirts, navy blue, light blue, white, black and grey shirts are allowed (collared or plain t-shirts). Undershirts must be white, navy blue, or light blue as well, and free of visible designs.( Spitalny TIgers may  choose to wear spirit shirts any day of the week. Prior year shirts are accepted!  We will be selling spirit shirts for a nominal cost when school starts.)

    Kindergarten Spirit Shirts              1-5 Spirit Shirts                  6-8 Spirit Shirts

    (Kindergarten Spirit Shirts)                  (Grades 1-5 Spirit Shirts)                         (Grades 6-8 Spirit Shirts)



    Bottoms: Plain black pants, denim jeans, or khaki (shorts, pants, or skirts). Jeans must have no rips/holes.

    Shorts, skirts, or skorts must be knee-length. All clothing must be properly hemmed. No cut-offs. No baggy or oversized clothing. Sagging is not allowed.

    Shoes: Closed-toed shoes must be worn every P.E. day. Closed-toe shoes are strongly encouraged on all days, as students will be out at recess and safety is our primary concern. 

    Outerwear: Scholars may choose to wear jackets of their choice- no inappropriate logos, words, etc. Hoods on jackets will not be allowed to be worn inside the buildings or transitioning between classes. Jackets/sweaters etc will not be allowed to be worn outside on their upper bodies (they may tie around their waist) when the temperature poses a safety risk for heat-related illnesses.

    Hats and bandanas are not to be worn on campus. Any fashion styles or fads that detract from the educational process will not be allowed.

    The school administration will make the final decision on dress code issues.

    We will offer dress-down days throughout the year to allow students additional opportunities to celebrate and express their individuality.