• We are a uniform school. Both the student and parent are responsible for following the school uniform policy. 

    Tops: Collared shirts with short or long sleeves.

    Colors: White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Green, and Red

    Bottoms: Uniform bottoms in one solid color. 

    Colors: Navy Blue or Khaki

    Girls: uniform type shorts, skirts, pants, jumpers, or skorts. Except for long pants, all hemlines must be within the range of 3” above or 3” below the knee. May wear navy blue or khaki shorts under their skirts or jumpers, but not show the hemline. 

    Boys: Uniform type pants or shorts. The hemlines in shorts must be within the range of 3” above or 3” below the knee. 

    Belts: Belts and buckles must be free of initials or logos, and not more than one size larger than the students’ waist. 

    Shoes/Laces: Closed-toe shoes with no heels exceeding 1” in height. 

    Socks/Stockings: A solid color. No lace trim. 

    Sweaters/Vest: The size of the student, not too tight or loose. No logos. 

    Colors: any color, preferred navy blue or khaki

    Thursdays- Scholars may wear a school spirit or college shirt with free dress bottoms that are school-appropriate.