• Student Dress Code Policy

    Marc T. Atkinson Middle School and Gifted Academy 

    The dress code policy is designed to help create a safe and positive learning environment that encourages all student scholars to achieve their full potential. The district encourages students to take pride in their attire as it relates to school setting. Students are to wear the appropriate dress attire during the school day and at school-sponsored activities. 

    UniformsAtkinson Middle School Gifted Academy is a uniform school.

    ●       All students are expected to be in uniform daily except for the following:

    ○     Spirit Days/Weeks

    ○     Free Dress coupon winners

    ○     Fall/Spring Pictures

    ○     Dress Down Dollar Days

    ●     Uniforms include:

    ○     Atkinson T-Shirts

    ○     Jeans (no rips, tears, or cuts; no sagging)

    ○     Navy or gray collared shirts

    ●     Atkinson t-shirts will be available for purchase in the front office.

    Additional information will be available in the student handbook