Peralta School

  • Principal Christine Ramirez

    2024 Parent Satisfaction Survey

    Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Peralta Elementary School! 

    Peralta Elementary School is a great place to teach and learn! Our teachers are truly amazing individuals who are committed to making every minute count for scholars! They work hard to plan intentional learning experiences, focusing on the needs of all scholars.  This past year, our staff and scholars learned so much!  Everyone persevered in so many ways and despite many challenges, we were successful in so many ways.  Our past learning has equipped us with a skillset to further accelerate innovative practices, support social learning, understand and support social-emotional learning and engage our Peralta Scholars in 21st Century skills.

    Our primary goal at Peralta Elementary School is to motivate our scholars to grow and achieve success while celebrating learning every day! At Peralta Elementary, academic learning and growth is our bottom line!  We also understand, however, that educating scholars means being mindful of the “whole child” and caring about their social and emotional well-being.  The staff at Peralta Elementary is unconditionally committed to ensuring academic success, SEL success, and the best educational program possible to each scholar, each day! 

    Families, we are super excited to open our doors and hearts to your children again for a new and almost normal 2022-2023 school year!  In closing, thank you in advance, the Peralta families, for partnering with us always!  If you would like to reach me as quickly as possible, please email me [email protected] or if you need general information or wish to directly contact Peralta Elementary School, you may call (623) 691-5600.  

    Christine Ramirez