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A message to parents about the Texas shooting

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Today we are communicating our solidarity with the community of Uvalde and Robb Elementary. Our district is in Arizona but our hearts are in Texas today - with all teachers, parents and school leaders who are in the midst of immeasurable grief and have to grapple with the question we ask once again: “Why?”

Our proud superintendent wants you to know that safety is a priority for all of us and yet, the tragedies of school shootings at our nation’s schools continue to occur. We do have SROs at some of our schools and we do have lockdown drills that address what to do during active shooter drills. However, she recognizes that we must continue to be diligent and even more prepared. School safety and future plans will be added to our leadership agenda and team meetings next week. 

It is not lost on us that Uvalde and Maryvale are similar communities. We grieve with them - but the time for action as One Team Una Familia begins next week at Cartwright with discussions on how we can strengthen the safety measures we have in place now. 

Thank you.