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NEW! The Academy of Mass Communication & Journalism (Desert Sands)

The Academy of Mass Communication & Journalism will open the beginning the 2022-2023 school year and will provide students with opportunities to learn modern skills & discover new interests in the realm of communications. The new academy will provide platforms for our 7th and 8th grade scholars to share their talents and abilities inside and outside the classroom. The first year of the academy will build a foundation in all subject matters and areas but will have an added and profound focus on writing & vocabulary. Some of the classes that will be offered for the second year of the academy are:

Visual Communication and Public Speaking

Mass Communication 

Multicultural Communications

Creative Media & Film

Desert Sand administrators plan to partner with ASU’S prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and other universities in order to expose scholars to the growing fields of global communications & media. Some of the extra-curricular classes/clubs offered will be: The Scorpion News Club, Striving Scorpion IT Club, Poetry Slam, Podcasting, social media, digital newsletters and sports broadcasting. In terms of school community engagement, the academy plans to also host events like Hollywood Nights and all scholars will be exposed to media experts and get an opportunity to shadow and learn from them. They will also be visiting TV news stations during field trips. The Cartwright School District is proud to be the district that has fostered award-winning journalism as well. Two former alums from Cartwright are favorite local news professionals who have won Emmys for their reporting.