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Cartwright Award of Excellence

During last weeks board meeting we were  thrilled to recognize Castro Academy of Fine Arts teacher Ms. Jaime Rabourne. She was the recipient of the Xavier College Preparatory Golden Gator Award of Excellence in Teaching. Every freshman at Xavier is given the opportunity to nominate one 7th or 8th grade teacher that inspired them as well as prepared them to enter Xavier. These first-year students are “baby gators” and that’s where the name of the award comes from and it is an incredibly high honor to be awarded this honor.

We also honored five individuals: three teachers, one scholar and one parent. As a team they all collaborated and put in place safe and caring structures to ease one of our 2nd graders into class on a daily basis.  It was a challenging task since the scholar is a special education scholar and on the autistic spectrum, but with grace and patience, REACH teachers allowed him to feel comfortable at his own pace and implored the use of social emotional techniques in order for a good outcome. Because of their hard work, and of the trust their mother had in the process, our scholar Victor Cardenas is thriving at school and walks into class by himself with ease. 

Something important to know is that our REACh program is successful because it trains the entire staff on how to deal with our special education scholars, so in that sense it’s like a community of educators supporting our children, and their parents, so it’s truly a beautiful thing. Each of these individuals recieved the Cartwight Award of Excellence last week.

Victor Cardenas and his mother Silvia Contreras

Kirby Carbrera

Gladys Amaya

Jackline Macias