Testing Chromebooks for AzMERIT Compatibility

1. Log out if you are logged in.

2. Click on Apps at the lower-left of the screen.

Chromebook login screen with the Apps item highlighted.

3. Click on AIRSecureTest. If AIRSecureTest is not listed, contact your I.T. technician.

Chromebook login screen showing the AIRSecureTest app listing.

4. If the sign-in page is displayed, go to the next step. Otherwise, under Please Select Your State, select Arizona and click OK.

AIRSecureTest configuration page showing the list of available states.

5. The sign-in page should be displayed. If it loads successfully, click on CLOSE SECURE BROWSER at the upper-right corner of the screen and you are done. If you receive an error message or the sign-in page does not load, contact your I.T. technician.

AzMERIT sign-in page.