Claus Hanold

Name: Claus Hanold

Designation: Risk Manager


Mr. Hanold is a United States Air Force veteran of 24 years and has been with the Cartwright School District for the past 18 years.

Mr. Hanold and his wife love traveling the world and have just recently visited Berlin and the Frankfurt area of Germany. Italy and Greece will be the next stop with Australia in the future.

Mr. Hanold is responsible for the safety and health of students and staff, and safety program management to include: accident prevention, loss control, risk identification, and safety training of district employees. He performs safety and health inspections on district facilities, equipment, grounds, playgrounds, vehicles, and employee work practices and ensures district compliance with state and federal safety, health and environmental regulations and law. He responds to emergency situations anywhere and at any time within the district and to requests and inquires from district employees and the general public regarding safety and accident prevention within the district. The Risk Manager also works closely with site administrators to ensure all students, staff, parents and community have a safe environment at all district sites.