District Information

Dr. Jacob A. Chávez is the Superintendent of the Cartwright School District, effective April 28, 2011. Dr. Chávez served as... (cont'd)

About Us
Cartwright Elementary School District, located in west Phoenix, Arizona, has 12 elementary schools serving students in grades Kindergarten through...

District Boundary Map
This document shows the boundaries for each school in the Cartwright School District, as well as their locations, and that of other District complexes.

Cartwright District History
After the Civil War, the westward trend accelerated. Wagon trains were formed, bringing pioneers west to homestead the unsettled lands. Some of...

District Mission, Vision, and Goals
Vision Cartwright School District is a community of learners with a focus on results collaborating to meet the unique learning needs of every...

This folder contains calendars for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school year.

This folder contains Forms.