Administrative Services

Dr. Rebecca M. Osuna Dr. Rebecca M. Osuna
Assistant Superintendent

Name : Dr. Rebecca M. Osuna

Designation : Assistant Superintendent

Phone : (623) 691-4025

E-Mail :

Dr. Rebecca Osuna is the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative services. She joined the Cartwright School District #83 in 2011. Dr. Osuna spent 8 years as a Bilingual Education primary teacher and 17 years as a school administrator, serving as both Principal and Assistant Principal. She received her doctorate from Northern Arizona University in Administrative Leadership and her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. Dr. Osuna believes parental participation is key when it comes to children succeeding in the classroom. “Parental involvement is important in developing a student who will be successful in life. By building upon the good in people with who we work among and the strengths of the organization, I believe that the educational community will be successful in accomplishing the ultimate goal of student achievement.” - Dr. Rebecca Osuna.

Sandra Ardon Sandra Ardon
Executive Coordinator

Name : Sandra Ardon

Designation : Executive Coordinator

Phone : (623) 691-4025

E-Mail :


The Administrative Services Department serves as a liaison between the Superintendent’s Office and the district schools. The Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services oversees the supervision of school administrators. This department works collaboratively with all district administrators in providing recommendations to the Superintendent for continuous improvement of the district, particularly in the area of school leadership.

Staff and parents in the Cartwright School District #83 have a very specific philosophy about creating an emotionally safe learning environment at our schools. We strongly believe that all children in our schools should have access to all the benefits and activities that the school offers. No one should ever feel uncomfortable because he/she can’t participate in whatever is happening at school. Every person in our school community is equally respected and valued. All students and all adults are winners!

It is our mission to ensure all our students acquire the knowledge and skills essential to achieving their full potential and becoming productive citizens.

It is our vision to have excelling schools that meet the needs of all of our students and infuse a purpose and commitment to lifelong learning.

Administrative Services values efficacy, positive interpersonal relationships and lifelong learning by our students, parents, and employees.

Administrative Services' goals are as follows:

  • To increase student achievement.
  • To provide exceptional customer service.
  • To provide opportunities for innovation.