Panther's Den: Kid Friendly Websites

Palm Lane School playground.

Welcome to the Panther Den! This is a page just for you young panthers. Click on any of the links below to visit some great places for kids on the internet.

Online Student Learning
We are happy to announce that the following online learning subscription resources that we use at school can now be used by our students at home! Please contact your child's teacher for their usernames and passwords (if they do not know them).
Achieve3000 (Grades 3-5) provides students engaging, nonfiction articles with tests for comprehension that have proven to help children increase their reading lexile levels. Tenmarks (Grades 3-5) provides our students with personalized, leveled assignments that will both help them in areas that they are struggling in math and give them enrichment in areas that they are excelling! RAZKids provides all of our students (grades K-5) access to books at their levels in an interactive, kid-friendly manner that excites them to read!
Kid Safe Surfing Homework Help
This web-guide is made just for kids. You can send e-cards, ask Earl a question, get the joke of the day, and much more!
Ask Doctor Math
Have math questions, just ask Dr. Math!
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Want to know why the sky is blue? Just ask Jeeves! Ask Jeeves is an easy way to find the answers to questions you have!
Word Central
Look up words, build your own dictionary, and stump your friends with a daily "buzz word."
How Stuff Works
This site explains just how "Stuff" works. Check it out if you've ever wondered...How airplanes work, or maybe...What is an MP3? Check it out!
A+ Math Homework Helper
Homework Helper will allow you to input a problem and your answer. It will then figure out if your solution is correct
This great site has links to "homework help, reference resources, search engines, and fun sites to name a few!
ChatterBee's Free Homework Help
A list of free sites that you can join to talk with someone online about your homework questions. (Have your parents help you register for the sites!) new
Fun and Game Virtual Fieldtrips
Play games that will help you to learn!
The White House for Kids
Learn about the White House and the President through fun and exciting activities.
Wacky Web Tales
Enjoy hours of fun making your own stories on the screen. All you have to do is choose your story and add nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs to personalize it.
National Geographic for Kids
Learn about all sorts of cool animals.
Giggle Poetry
Enjoy the silly poetry of Bruce Lansky.
Explore experiments, voyage to distant places, and look at art in a new way.
The Yuckiest Sites on the Internet
Learn all about gross and yucky things like burps, eye gunk, roaches, and worms!
Strange Matter
Find out what cell phones are made of, look at aluminum atoms, and much more! If you are interested in what things are made of, this is the site for you!
SFS - Fun With Musicnew
A site that has really cool activities that will help you learn about music. Be sure to check out the “The Music Lab,” where you can learn about tempo, rhythm, and pitch just by playing a cool game!
NASA Kids’ Club
Visit this NASA website and learn about space and what it’s like to be an astronaut. Learn science and have fun at the same time while you help Buzz prepare to head out into space.
Staying Cool For the Little Ones
Get Your Angries Out
Do you ever get mad? Have you ever gotten in trouble because of something you did when you were mad? This site has some great ways to handle being mad that will keep you out of trouble!
A free site with lots of fun activities to help young children learn to read.
Between the Lions
Stories, online games and printable offline activity sheets for beginning readers