The Librarian's Corner

Palm Lane School

I'm Mrs. Quinonez, Palm Lane's librarian. We are so very proud of our library, which has thousands of books at all levels for the children to check out and read. I try to make it a warm inviting plave, as I want of our children to love books and reading! I am here before, during, and afterschool to help your child check out a book or two! Please feel free to click on any of the links below to learn more about us, our library and our favorite things ... books!

Taking Care of Your Books

  1. Carry your library books in your book bag. Keep your books dry.
  2. Don't eat or drink near your library books.
  3. Keep books away from younger brothers and sisters who might scribble in, or tear books.
  4. Make sure your hands are clean when handling library books.
  5. Use a bookmark to mark the place in which you stopped.(Please don't fold the page.)
  6. Read the book or have someone read it to you. Enjoy!
  7. Encourage your child to bring books back on time.It is fun to get new books to read!

(If you do have an accident with a book, please do not try to fix it on your own. I have special tape and glue to fix books. Please just bring it to me and we will try to fix it together!)

How to Select a Book

  1. Open the book to the middle. Select a full page of text.
  2. Read the page.
  3. Put one finger up for every word you cannot pronounce or do not know.
  4. If you get five (5) fingers ups on one page, the book is to difficult to read on your own.
  5. If you do not get any fingers up, but are reading very slowly and having to sound out every word, you will not enjoy it.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go."
Dr. Seuss