Dress Code

A student wearing a school uniform.

Uniforms: A mandatory uniform dress code has been established for all schools in the Cartwright School District to promote learning, increase safety on the school grounds, foster unity, and minimize clothing expenses by eliminating label competition.

Tops: All shirts must have collars, no logos, no stripes or designs. White, navy, light blue, maroon, red, and Harris Hawks shirts are acceptable. If your child(ren) transfer to another school within our district, you may wear the shirts approved at the previous school to the new school.

Bottoms: Pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts, or skorts (no stripes or designs). Jeans, khakis, and navy colors are acceptable.
Students transferring to a different school (within the District) that may have an alternative uniform color will be admitted immediately upon registration. The student may be allowed to wear the color of uniform from the previous school or be given the opportunity to exchange the shirt(s) for the color worn at the new school.
No student shall be denied enrollment the day they enroll due to not having the required uniform attire. A grace period of 15 days will be given for parents to purchase uniforms. Seek assistance from your school or the Welcome Center.

District policy prohibits school dress or grooming practices that:

  • Present a hazard to the health or safety of the student or to others in the school.
  • Materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program.
  • Cause excessive wear or damage to school property.
  • Prevent students from achieving their educational objectives.
  • Represent membership or affiliation with a gang.
  • Display obscene language or symbols, or symbols of sex, drugs, tobacco products or alcohol.
  • Expose the chest, abdomen, genitals or buttocks area of the body.