Traditions & Milestones

Bret R. Tarver School

Every September 11th, we celebrate Heroes Day to commemorate the birthday of Bret Tarver. We never want our students to forget about the life and accomplishments of our school’s namesake. Not only do we celebrate the life of Bret Tarver, we also take the time to acknowledge the everyday heroes in our community. Tarver Day traditions include Opening Ceremonies on the upper playground, followed by a student parade, special speakers, and special lunchtime activities.

Tarver Song
The first year Tarver opened, a contest for the school song was held among all of the upper grade classrooms. The final songs were then voted on by not only the teachers, but the entire student body. A fifth grade classroom won the contest with the following song that still remains a part of our wonderful tradition

Tarver Dolphins
We are Tarver, Tarver Dolphins,
We are special, we're the best!
We are mighty and respectful,
You can put us to the test!
We are proud to be a student,
Learning here at Tarver School.
We're preparing for the future,
So as dolphins, we will rule!
We are Tarver Kids, we are Tarver Kids,
We are proud to be at Tarver School.
We are Tarver Kids, we are Tarver Kids,
We are special, we're the best!

Dolphin Mascot Why the dolphin mascot? Dolphins are a great symbol of beauty, strength, and intelligence. Dophins live cooperatively within their communities and hold many qualities that we hope to instill in our students. They are:

  • intelligent
  • good communicators
  • family-oriented
  • social
  • rescuers
  • fun
  • friendly
  • strong
  • curious